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The Bright Colors of a Bountiful Easter Basket

It was wonderful for me to be part of Saturday morning's Deacon Easter Basket drop- off.   Historically, I have loved drop-off days from the perspective of shopping, filling boxes, and taking the boxes to church (especially when waiting in a long line of cars stretching from our parking lot out North Wayne Avenue and under the train station bridge, knowing what we were all gathering for.)     

But it was even more fun for me this year, as the ‘new’ pastoral liaison to the Deacon Board, to be in the parking lot from 8-10 am on a crisp, cool (Spring??) morning, to watch the boxes arriving and the trucks filling up; then see the full trucks pull away for deliveries to Southwest Philadelphia, South Wayne, Norristown and Chester.     

I later heard from our team leaders, Cheryl McBrearty, Chris Poulos and Rick Davis, as well as drivers Jim Galasso and Russ Butler, that the joy of the recipients was infectious.  

At one site church members stood in a circle singing as they awaited the arrival of the boxes;  they helped unload the trucks for their congregation and community, then led our deacons in prayer to thank God for Wayne Presbyterian’s generosity.  

You are good and kind people, my friends, and I am grateful to God for your participation in this outreach to our community.  Some of you, families of six, shopped for a family of six; some who are alone shopped for a recipient who was also alone.  This helped you make your gifts more creative and more appropriate to each family for whom you shopped.  

The Egg Tree boxes served 171 families this Easter with hams, turkeys, yams and potatoes, fresh broccoli or asparagus, and salad greens;  cakes, pies and cookies, chocolate bunnies, Peeps and jelly beans;  pancake mix and syrup, coffee and orange juice and fresh baked bread; Apples and Clementines;  Phillies gear, pajamas and socks, games and toys, coloring books and crayons…..and so much more!    

Some of your boxes were covered in Easter wrap; one series of boxes had the story of Peter Cottontail illustrated on the lids….by a very gifted member of our Church and Oratorio Society!  It was such fun to peek through the plastic sides of the boxes as they arrived to see what each donor thought would be most beneficial to each family.  It was clear that thought and prayer went into each one.   

The families for whom we prepared these meal and gift boxes represent 406 children!   So many lives touched and changed during Holy Week! Thank you, thank you!

Posted by Anne Clark Duncan at 9:30 AM
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