Pastoral Care


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Walking the mourner's path

Many times when a loved one has died, it seems as if the world and
everyone in it has gone back to normal within a few weeks, except for
you. Walking the Mourner’s Path helps you through the journey of grief,
to realize that at the end of the journey, there is hope. The Mourner’s
Path program is a ministry distinct from other bereavement programs in
that it is Christ-centered, scripturally sound and church based. Walking
the Mourner’s Path is not group therapy. The format is small group
Participants of the program will learn that, while their situation and pain
are unique, they are not alone on the healing journey. Members of the
group learn tools for healing and moving forward with their lives.
Research has shown that participants in groups with a specific beginning
and end that provide tools for learning heal from their grief more quickly
than in open-ended groups without an established course.
The program is offered twice a year at Wayne Presbyterian and twice
each year at other churches in our area. At WPC, it is offered once in the
spring and once in the fall, specifically planned to stretch out over the
holidays, which are often difficult for grieving people. Each course
consists of one and a half hour sessions for nine consecutive weeks (with
appropriate breaks for holidays). Two trained facilitators plus a clergy
member are present during each session. At the conclusion of each
course there is a memorial service that honors loved ones who have died.
Please contact The Rev. Dr. Anne Clark Duncan, 610-688- 8700,

 The Memorial Garden

Wayne Presbyterian Church
125 East Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA
It was a long-standing tradition of European and American churches to
bury deceased believers either within the church or in the churchyard.
There was a sense that loved ones would await the resurrection in the
shelter of the church as they had found strength from the church in the
Space is available for the cremains of Wayne Presbyterian Church
members and their families. We encourage preregistration so that
a space may be secured within the Garden.
The WPC Memorial Garden is located on the west side of our Sanctuary,
in an attractively landscaped meditative area. Memorial tablets on the wall
will leave a lasting tribute to the persons buried there.
Additional information and an application (which includes rates and
regulations governing the use of the Garden) can be obtained by
contacting the Church Office at 610-688- 8700, ext. 225.