Our Leadership


Taking on the responsibility for all church programs and property, the Session is the chief governing body of the church. It is comprised of Elders (spiritual leaders), each elected for a three-year term. Some have trustee responsibilities (Administration and Property) and others have a variety of responsibilities providing for the life and ministry of the church in the areas of Worship and Music, Christian Education and Discipleship, and Mission Outreach, among others.

Vijay Aggarwal, Treasurer of the Corporation

Class of 2017
Rick Davis
Lori Dziedziak
Susan Hirshman
Sandy Kheradi
Martha (Marty) Laird
Kim Pittman
Ron Race

Class of 2018
Buff Barnes
Gary Jones
Richard Look
Jenna O’Nell
Frank Tait
David Webster

Class of 2019
Clyde Diehl
Chris Drumm
Pamela Jensen
Bruce Leith
Lisa Packer
Derek Pimlett
Liz Walton


The office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness and service. Given authority for congregational care, Deacons are elected for three-year terms to be the caring heart and arms of Wayne Presbyterian Church.

Class of 2017
Nancy J. Barnes
Todd Cameron
Frone Crawford
Bill Gillespie
Terry Jarman
Linda L. Kurtz
Julie Lim
Bobbie Montgomery
David Nicol
Chuck Rueger
Mary Ellen Smith

Class of 2018
Kevin Blackney
Lynn Clouser
James Galasso (Moderator)
Becky Konen
Cheryl McBrearty
Eric Meneely
Sue Metzger
Michael Packer
Christine Poulos
Sean Pulsifer
Steve Smith
Dorcas Thompson

Class of 2019
Don Barnes
Beth Brake
Scott Craig
Tom Evans
Kathy Gaddes
Jennie Hagin
Jim Martin
Frank McPherson
Diane Merry
Bill Montgomery
Bill Nirmaier
Liz Precious

Youth Deacons 2016/2017
Andrew Castleman
Hadley Webster

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares slates of new officers to be presented to the congregation at the Annual Meeting each year.

David Webster, Chair
Susi Bruhns
Pamela Clark
Sue Ellen Larkin
Sue Rink
Meg Rosecky
Chad Slate
Bill Nirmaier, Deacon Representative
Michael Packer, Deacon Representative