How To Get Involved

We're always looking for ways to share the love of God with others through service.  We think it's what God wants us to do to respond to an amazing love that saves us.  Here are a few ways that aren't that difficult to start:

The Common Place. TCP is a new major initiative in Southwest Philadelphia.  An educational outreach center, it provides after-school arts based programs, social services, and faith formation for the neighborhood.  We are currently recruiting tutors for the after school program.

CityLights CityLights is our other major initiative in Southwest Philly.  A network of various partners, you can find yourself tutoring at Mitchell Elementary, or serving a meal at Sherwood, and much, much more. Learn more about ways you can volunteer here.

Broad Street Ministry. BSM is a wonderful ministry in Center City.  It not only provides meals and social services to those experiencing homelessness, but also brings young people, old folks, CEOs and the poorest of the poor together in worship.  Opportunities include serving meals, organizing clothes closets, conversations with guests, and so forth.

Interfaith Hospitality Network.  Five times a year, we host a number of families in transition for a week in our church before they'll move on to another church.  Each time we do that we need about fifty volunteers to provide meals, help people check in, or stay the night.

Hammers with a Heart.  These are our guys who love to do construction and love to do it to some good end.  You never know where you'll end up when you sign up for Hammers with a Heart, but it's clear that Christ will be in your midst as well.

Any of these sound like the right fit for you?  Email Aisha or call her at 610.688.8700.  If not, take a look at our partners page here and see if any of those sound right for you.  We also have a wish list to look over.