Marriage Preparation Workshops

Group Premarital counseling  by marriage and family therapists and pastoral counselors  for couples at Wayne Presbyterian or other area communities of faith.  Offered  two to three times a year.  Covers  topics such as communication, conflict resolution, leisure time activities, spirituality, sexuality, financial management, preparing for parenthood, and more.  Computer-generated Prepare Enrich report provided  to each couple.

Caregivers' Group

Bi-weekly small group meetings offer support and encouragement, as well as legal and medical advice from area professionals, to those caring for aging parents, or disabled children/siblings.

Plugged In Parents

A Sunday morning forum for parents offering a Christian response to today's  increased involvement with technology, difficulty in making decisions, increased demands on time, social pressures of peer groups,  and other issues faced by today's children and teens.


It takes a long time and a lot of work to heal the pain that comes with the breakup of a marriage but you don't have to go through it alone.  Divorced or separated people with similar experiences can encourage and pray for each other, offering each other support.  Refer to for more information on this 13-week program.