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Day 2, Lent

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, but a friend passed along this prayer for Ash Wednesday and I wanted to share it with you.  It is called, "Blessing of the Dust" by Jan Richardson.

All those days
 you felt like dust,
 like dirt,
 as if all you had to do
 was turn your face
 toward the wind
 and be scattered
 to the four corners  

or swept away by
the smallest breath
 as insubstantial—  

 did you know
 what the Holy One
 can do with dust?  

 This is the day
 we freely say
 we are scorched.  

 This is the hour
 we are marked
 by what has made
 it through the burning.  

This is the moment
 We ask for the blessing
 that lives within
the ancient ashes
that makes its home
 inside the soil
 of this sacred earth.  

So let us be marked
 not for sorrow.
And let us be marked
not for shame.
Let us be marked not
for false humility
 or for thinking we are less
 than we are  

but for claiming
what God can do
within the dust,
within the dirt,
within the stuff
of which the world
is made
and the stars that blaze
in our bones
and the galaxies that spiral
 inside the smudge
 we bear.

Blessings on your day.

Posted by Laurie Weicher at 6:00 AM
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